Conditions In The Property Surrounding Area

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1        Environmental Concerns

It is often very difficult to identify environmental hazards. The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) website contains environmental information regarding the locations of open and closed landfills (Solid Waste Facilities), wildfire

information, as well as air and water quality information (and more). (ADEQ) (ADEQ-Solid Waste Facilities) (Wildfire Information)


Environmentally Sensitive Land Ordinance: Approximately two-thirds of the City of Scottsdale is affected by the Environmentally Sensitive Land Ordinance (ESLO), which requires some areas on private property be retained in their natural state and designated as National Area Open Space (NAOS). (Environmentally Sensitive Land Ordinance) (Natural Area Open Space)


2        Electromagnetic Fields

For information on electromagnetic fields, and whether they pose a health risk to you or your family, visit the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences website. (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences)


3        Superfund Sites

There are numerous sites in Arizona where the soil and groundwater have been contaminated by improper disposal of contaminants. Maps may be viewed on ADEQ’s website to see if a property is in an area designated by the ADEQ as requiring cleanup. (EPA) , (Spanish) (ADEQ)


4        Freeway Construction and Traffic Conditions

Although the existence of a freeway near the property may provide highly desirable access, sometimes it contributes to undesirable noise. To search for roadway construction and planning, visit the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) website. (ADOT) (Statewide Projects) (Traffic Conditions – Alerts)

5        Crime Statistics

Crime statistics, an imperfect measurement at best, provide some indication of the level of criminal activity in an area. (Phoenix Crime Statistics) (Tucson Crime Stats) (Crime Statistics All Arizona Cities

6        Sex Offenders

Since June 1996, Arizona has maintained a registry and community notification program for convicted sex offenders. Prior to June 1996, registration was not required, and only the higher-risk sex offenders are on the website. The presence of a sex offender in the vicinity of the property is not a fact that the seller or real estate agent is required to disclose. (Convicted Sex Offenders – Registry

& Community Program Notification) (National Sex Offender Public Site)

7        Forested Areas

Life in a forested area has unique benefits

and concerns. Contact county/city fire authority for more information on issues particular to a community.  or (Protecting Your Property from Wildfire) (Arizona Fire Wise Communities)


8        Military and Public Airports

The legislature has mandated the identification of areas in the immediate vicinity of military and public airports that are susceptible to a certain level of noise from aircraft. The boundaries of these areas have been plotted on maps that are useful in determining if a property falls within one of these areas. The maps for military and public airports may be accessed on the Arizona Department of Real Estate (ADRE) website. Additionally, the boundaries of military and public airports in Maricopa County may be viewed on the county website. These maps are intended to show the area subject to a preponderance of airport-related noise from a given airport. Periodic over-flights that may contribute to noise cannot usually be determined from these maps.

Vacant land or lots may be for sale within areas of high noise or accident potential zones. Because the zoning of these lots may conflict with the buyer’s ability to develop the property, the buyer should verify whether development is prohibited.

Zoning regulations for these areas, may be found at A.R.S.§28-8481. (ADRE – Maps of Military Airports & Boundaries) (ADRE – Maps of Pubic Airports & Boundaries)


9        Zoning/Planning/Neighborhood    Services

Information may be found on community websites. (Phoenix) (Tucson) (Other Cities and Towns)

10     Schools

Although there is no substitute for an on-site visit to the school to talk with principals and teachers, there is a significant amount of information about Arizona’s schools on the Internet. Visit the Arizona Department of Education website for more information. (Arizona Department of Education)



“Call the school district serving the subdivision to determine whether nearby schools are accepting new students. Some school districts, especially in the northwest part of the greater Phoenix area, have placed a cap on enrollment. You may find that your children cannot attend the school nearest you and may even be transported to another community.” (ADRE)


11    City Profile Report

Information on demographics, finances and other factors are drawn from an array of sources, such as

U.S. Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor, Internal Revenue Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and may be viewed on Homefair’s Website. (City Profile Report)