Sean Zarinegar – Founder and Manager of Performance Realty Management (PRM). Mr. Zarinegar brings more than 20 years of experience in operations evaluation, investment and management of business including Real estate, development, construction, finance, marketing and brokerage, among others. Sean is responsible for new deal origination, evaluation, analysis and due diligence, as well as providing support to the operations. Mr. Zarinegar is the Founder, President and director of CBA Capital, Inc., an investment banking and venture capital company started in Newport Beach, California and subsequently relocated to Phoenix, Arizona.

Mr Zarinegar possesses investment experience to the company as well as having formed successful business partnerships and acquiring a talented team of experts necessary to support ongoing and future projects and opportunities. Mr. Zarinegar possesses many years of experience in real estate management including corporate strategic planning, partner development and relations, land acquisition, entitlement processing and government relations, project planning and financing, land development and new home construction. Sean has a unique combination of experience that provides a broad range of knowledge that is needed to be successful in the challenging environment of today’s real estate industry.

Prior to founding PRM, Mr. Zarinegar founded and served as the President and CEO, a director and the principal shareholder of Core Land & Investments, Inc., a Colorado corporation, formerly Housing Partners, Inc. (“CORE”) for eight (8) years. Prior to the liquidity crisis, Mr. Zarinegar was actively involved in land acquisition, development processes, financing, and management of multi-family and single-family projects. His responsibilities involved land development, supervision of capital structures, property management, leasing, maintenance and construction activities for its many subsidiary LLC’s and commercial properties in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Mr. Zarinegar has been active as a real estate investor in Colorado Springs and southern California and Arizona for several years, and also has more than 20 years business experience in covering all aspects of the investment arena. In the early 90’s Mr. Zarinegar founded American Income Securities where he was President and CEO of included managing over $50 Million in client and company assets. He was formerly Registered Securities Principal with the NASD holding licenses as Series 7, 22, 6, 63, and 24. Mr. Zar has also managed a venture capital pool for emerging technology companies to obtain pre-IPO financing, where he was responsible for equity and debt investments in a wide range of companies. In 1999, Mr. Zarinegar sold his ownership of the member firm American Income Securities.

Since moving to Arizona, Mr. Zarinegar has focused on maximizing the tremendous opportunity in the Phoenix, Arizona real estate market. Beginning with successfully venturing back into the existing inventory of single-family homes within the Maricopa county residential market, Mr. Zarinegar continues focusing on the purchase of undervalued properties, renovation and resale of those properties, and the development of a substantial rental portfolio. With the decades of experience behind him and a severely depressed real estate market, the opportunities are abundant.