Small Upgrade & Repairs Can Make A Big Difference

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There are few things that put buyers off more than viewing a home that screams of being uncared for. If you want to maximize your chances for getting top dollar, you might need to make some minor upgrades, but you’ll definitely need to make all necessary repairs – even those that are “out of sight, out of mind”.

Leaving aside major structural and functional matters, here are a few relatively minor upgrades and repairs that can go a long way to improving how buyers perceive your home:

  • Fix or replace anything damaged or worn, such as patio and deck, gutters and eaves, windows, shutters, screens, storm doors, light fixtures, porches and steps, walkways and
  • Touch up all exterior paint or if needed, re-paint the
  • Fix doorbells, tighten loose doorknobs and oil squeaking
  • Clean or paint front door, polish front door hardware, replace “Welcome” mat if
  • Green-up dry lawn patches, plant extra flowers for color, place potted plants beside the front door.
  • Fix or replace cracked molding or floor tiles, leaking taps and toilets, loose door knobs, squeaky door hinges, closets or screen doors that are off their tracks, bathroom lighting and hardware, toilet seats, loose caulking or
  • Fix and touch-up walls, ceilings, windows,
  • Brighten interiors with a new coat of paint in light, neutral
  • Shampoo carpets and rugs, replace if
  • Make sure major appliances are in good working orde
  • Replace switch and outlet plates and register vents with more elegant
  • Add closet organizers or shelving to make closets more functional and spacious
  • Add organizers or shelving for basement and
  • Clean and paint concrete floor and
  • Clean water heater and drain sediment, change furnace filter.
  • Buy the furniture you planned for the new house to improve the look of this